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Hi, my name is Michele. I started out experimenting making Facial & Body Scrubs from coffee grounds for about a month. I came up with the best formula for an awesome scrub. I wanted to share my Coffee Facial and Body Scrub to everyone. I realized then that this was my purpose in life. Creating all natural skin care products for everyone to enjoy a spa like experience without paying a fortune to have nice skin. I love making a difference in helping people feel good about them selves and their skin.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Corn meal for an exfoliate?

I was researching the other day for longer shelf life in oils for lotion.  Some how corn meal came up in my searches.  Corn meal is suppose to be the best exfoliate to tighten up pores.  Go figure. Before leaving my moms house yesterday evening I asked her if she had corn meal.  I told her that it was suppose to be a pretty good exfoliate to help tighten pores.  She didn't blink an eye with me.  "She said take all of it, I'll buy more."  As soon as I got home, I had to try it.  I took some cornmeal and added some water.  The fragrance was nice without any scent or added oils.  My face felt so soft.  This morning, guess what I used it again.  This might be another facial exfoliate I might work with. Try it! You might enjoy it.

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