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Hi, my name is Michele. I started out experimenting making Facial & Body Scrubs from coffee grounds for about a month. I came up with the best formula for an awesome scrub. I wanted to share my Coffee Facial and Body Scrub to everyone. I realized then that this was my purpose in life. Creating all natural skin care products for everyone to enjoy a spa like experience without paying a fortune to have nice skin. I love making a difference in helping people feel good about them selves and their skin.

Friday, January 28, 2011

One of the Farmers Market Vendors

After going to the Farmers Market for a couple of weekends this past summer, I found out that one of the local vendors Michael (not his real name) had been farming since he was 13 years old.  You can tell he had a very rough life. He was probably in his 50's but looked like he was in his 70's. He had exposed himself  from the sun and did not protect his skin with sun screen for several years.  He bought my Coffee Facial & Body Scrub out of the goodness from his heart that afternoon.  The very next day he told me that his skin felt so much better. He said that he had tried other products and nothing else seemed to work. He made sure each of his customers would know about my Coffee Scrubs when they came to visit him. I smiled and watched him tell his customers from across the pavilion. After a hard days of working out in the sun and working at the Flea Market he can now go home, and enjoy a few minutes of having a spa like experience and feeling good about himself.  I love that I am helping people with there skin and making them feel that they are worth it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can I make my own Skin Care Toner? Why not?

One day after washing my face and using my toner after wards, I noticed my face was super dry and more wrinkles on my face than normal.  I said to myself "OK I'm not that old quite yet and why all of a sudden do I look so much older?"  "Is this what happens when you get in your 40's?"  I asked my husband if he saw a difference. Of course they don't see what you see.  He did ask if my toner had alcohol in it.  I turned and looked at the ingredients on my closest natural toner I could get over the counter. I said, "yes it does have alcohol in it." "It's the second ingredient."He said, "well that is why your skin is drying out." The next day, I was on another mission.  I decided to make my own toner without alcohol and it will be the best ever.  Putting some herbs and un-distilled witch hazel from natural health stores, and other natural ingredients,  I created a Spritzer.  My Spritzer cleaned my skin so well.   The peppermint and tea tree oil I added had a tingling and refreshing sensation I wanted.  So, I experimented a little more.  I put my Spritzer in the refrigerator before I went outside to mow grass.  A couple hours later with sweat rolling down my hot red face, I immediately took my Spritzer out from the refrigerator and sprayed my face and neck.  It was such a nice, refreshing experience.  That became something to look forward too after being outside in the hot humid weather. 

I decide to sell my products which included my handmade Shea butter lotions and Pumpkin Delight Facial & Body Scrubs.  I found an add in the paper about a craft show that was going on in another city, so I sent an email about my story and how I came about making skin care products.  I received an email back from, I will say her name is Caroline, she was so excited about my story and wanted me to visit her town and sell my skin care products at the farmers market.  Bless her heart, for giving me the encouragement and believing in me.  I took her up on the offer and started setting up a couple days a week professionally with my table of handmade natural skin care products, my cute little banner with Baby Doll's Skin Care and a smile on my face.  The weather was so humid that summer beating down at 95 degrees or hotter, setting in sweat for hours to be ignored because I wasn't selling beans or corn.  Some days I would talk to the most interesting and nice people and would sell nothing but I would come home in a good mood.  Just to be out there with good  people was enough inspiration to keep me going for what I am here to do.  Any how, to make the story short.  My Spritzer ended up being the Number 1 Product that summer for the people at the Farmers Market and by word of mouth.  They called my Spritzer the No-See-Um Magical Potion.  It was keeping the bugs off of them. My Spritzer was the 3 in 1 product.  To clean, to cool yourself off and to keep the bugs off. Stay tuned for more Farmers Market stories.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Coffee Facial & Body Scrubs

I heard that coffee grounds are a great way to exfoliate the skin so I tried it.  I waited until my husband was done with his coffee grounds and asked for them.  I rubbed the coffee grounds lightly over my face and suddenly looked in the mirror?  All I could do is laugh and say"It looks like I have coffee grounds on my face."  I then proceeded to wipe the coffee grounds off of my face.  I said to myself, "I tried it so there."  As soon as my face was completely cleaned off, I felt my face and could not get over how soft my skin felt.  That totally made me a believer?  A Coffee Ground Exfoliate!  I immediately jumped in the shower and did a fully body exfoliation. Once I dried off, my entire body was super soft.  My skin felt like I had just came out of a spa.  I was so happy that I had to let my husband know about it.  Each day I would had more ingredients.  My husband was my guinea pig during this process.  After a month of experimenting I had the best Coffee Facial & Body Scrub.