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Hi, my name is Michele. I started out experimenting making Facial & Body Scrubs from coffee grounds for about a month. I came up with the best formula for an awesome scrub. I wanted to share my Coffee Facial and Body Scrub to everyone. I realized then that this was my purpose in life. Creating all natural skin care products for everyone to enjoy a spa like experience without paying a fortune to have nice skin. I love making a difference in helping people feel good about them selves and their skin.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Coffee Facial & Body Scrubs

I heard that coffee grounds are a great way to exfoliate the skin so I tried it.  I waited until my husband was done with his coffee grounds and asked for them.  I rubbed the coffee grounds lightly over my face and suddenly looked in the mirror?  All I could do is laugh and say"It looks like I have coffee grounds on my face."  I then proceeded to wipe the coffee grounds off of my face.  I said to myself, "I tried it so there."  As soon as my face was completely cleaned off, I felt my face and could not get over how soft my skin felt.  That totally made me a believer?  A Coffee Ground Exfoliate!  I immediately jumped in the shower and did a fully body exfoliation. Once I dried off, my entire body was super soft.  My skin felt like I had just came out of a spa.  I was so happy that I had to let my husband know about it.  Each day I would had more ingredients.  My husband was my guinea pig during this process.  After a month of experimenting I had the best Coffee Facial & Body Scrub.  

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