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Hi, my name is Michele. I started out experimenting making Facial & Body Scrubs from coffee grounds for about a month. I came up with the best formula for an awesome scrub. I wanted to share my Coffee Facial and Body Scrub to everyone. I realized then that this was my purpose in life. Creating all natural skin care products for everyone to enjoy a spa like experience without paying a fortune to have nice skin. I love making a difference in helping people feel good about them selves and their skin.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sea Weed Mud Mask

This past Summer, I wanted to create a Sea Weed Mud Mask. I searched on line for Natural Whole Food Stores in Nashville, TN. I found a couple of stores I wanted to check out. My husband and I took a day of travel to find this one Natural Whole Food Store. The day was warm and sunning for the drive and we listened to some good music on the way up. This store had a grocery store and other buildings connected to the Natural Whole Food Store. They also had there own private parking garage. We were so amazed of the size of this store. They had essential oils you can smell, herbs, things to make candles, soaps, and cosmetics. If you needed something it was there. I was having so much fun checking out everything they had to provide for the public. I found all of the extra ingredients I needed to make the mask and was able to buy some essential oils too that my husband and I both picked out. Because I was just experimenting and low on cash, I bought small quantities to make the mud mask. After getting what I needed we stopped at a couple of other shops in the area and then stopped for a bite to eat before heading home.

The next day I was determined to make the best Sea Weed Mud Mask. After a couple of tries, I was completely happy with it. I made just enough to feel up a small 4 oz jar. I sparingly used that same mud mask and just recently ran out of it. I absolutely love my mud mask. After each use, it always made my face feel so soft and smooth. I only had enough of my ingredients to make one more jar so I decided to share it with the public. Well here it is.

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