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Hi, my name is Michele. I started out experimenting making Facial & Body Scrubs from coffee grounds for about a month. I came up with the best formula for an awesome scrub. I wanted to share my Coffee Facial and Body Scrub to everyone. I realized then that this was my purpose in life. Creating all natural skin care products for everyone to enjoy a spa like experience without paying a fortune to have nice skin. I love making a difference in helping people feel good about them selves and their skin.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Moroccan Red Clay Mud Mask

Yesterday was a frustrating day for me taking pictures of my "Moroccan Red Clay Mud Mask."  I thought I would change the name instead of using Sea Weed Mud Mask.  I don't know if the whole Sea Weed name in skin care products is scaring people off or what.  Here's the deal.  I had a Sea Weed Mud Mask Body Wrap years ago and absolutely love the way my skin felt.  My skin felt so soft, smooth and rejuvenated after the spa treatment. I am determined to make a line of affordable home spa treatments of Sea Weed Products so everyone can be pampered in the privacy of their own home.

Any how, I took pictures from my 1970's bar that has a mirror behind it yesterday.  Every angle showed either myself, a door, a chair, or the wording on the label would not show up clear.  I have taken pictures from the same bar before and had great pictures. I started over today and this is what I came up with.

Check out my shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/babydollskincare for furthers details on my Moroccan Red Clay Mud Mask.

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